Rapid Prototyping with No-Code - Online Bootcamp

Learn how to build fully functional digital prototypes to test your ideas with live data in just 12 weeks - no code required.

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Faster, better, stronger with No-Code

Development with No-Code is not only fast, but can also be carried out by employees without a technical background. This makes working with no-code much less time-consuming, much more resource-efficient and thus less cost-intensive - with better results.

Faster Development

Instead of spending a lot of time and money developing applications and tying up developer resources, fully functional prototypes can be created in a few hours with no-code tools.

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Functional Prototypes

With No-Code, you can quickly create prototypes that feel like a real product. No more "as if" feeling when testing click dummies.

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Flexible Iteration

With No-Code, you can not only develop new prototypes, MVPs and even entire products extremely quickly, but you can also adapt them enormously fast - and thus develop very close to the market.

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Optimised resource allocation

Prototypes are primarily about testing ideas. In this phase, you don't need to tie up any developer capacity: The product team can build and test applications themselves directly with No-Code.

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The Bootcamp: Rapid Prototyping with No-Code

Within 12 weeks, we will train you and your team to become No-Code Prototyping experts. Through a mix of workshops, 1-on-1 calls, on-demand video courses, feedback loops and exclusive supplemental material, you will learn everything you need to know about prototyping.


Learn the basics of rapid prototyping and find out which tools are best for what.


From the first week, we put what we learn into practice. Thanks to No-Code, you can test your first prototype in just a few days.

Your pace

With on-demand content and late afternoon live online sessions, you have complete control over where and when you learn.

Team effort

Throughout the process you will benefit from the experience and support of your group and the trainers.

VisualMakers No-Code Prototyping Bootcamp

Who is it for?

The Rapid Prototyping Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop digital prototypes quickly and agilely. All you need to bring is curiosity and drive!

Your instructors

We are no-code experts, specialising in no- and low-code prototyping and product development. We help you build better, working prototypes faster with the power of visual programming.

Alexander Sprogis
Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is an expert in design thinking and product development with no-code technologies. The combination of these two areas offers the optimal platform for efficient prototyping and the rapid development of innovative solutions.

Lilith Brockhaus
Co-Founder & CEO

Lilith is one of the most sought-after experts for no- and low-code in the German-speaking world. With her strong background in product management in various start-ups, she understands what really matters in prototyping.

Adriano Villa Bascón
Product Builder

Adriano is the brain behind our no-code beginner courses and knows how to break down the most complex concepts in an incredibly simple way. His background includes marketing, communication, entrepreneurship, and no-code/low-code development.

Sandro Santini
Product Builder

Sandro developed a start-up based on no-code tools while studying business and discovered his enthusiasm for web development. He is our specialist for process automation with Make and has already implemented various web projects with Bubble.

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2.500,-€ per person

12 weeks intensive program

On-Demand Online Training

Live Hands-On Workshop 1/week

Live Building Session 1/week

1-on-1 Calls and Feedback Loops

with exclusive additional resources

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VisualMakers No-Code Bootcamp

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The next cohort of the Rapid Prototyping Bootcamp will start in Q3 2023. We look forward to your application!

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Pretty much 0. It helps if you have some tech affinity. But we will really cover the topic of no-code step-by-step, explaining it easily and making it simple.

The Bootcamp is designed for busy product people. The content is designed to give you the flexibility to fit the training around your agenda. Depending on how intensively you want to go through the program, you should plan 4-8 hours per week for the bootcamp. For example, a week within the bootcamp could look like this: Live Sessions: - Monday: Kickoff Workshop & Q&A | 45 minutes - Wednesday: Co-Building Session | 60 minutes - Friday: Online training discussion | 60 minutes Ansychronic Training: - Video Lessons | 60 minutes - Assignments | 90 minutes All live sessions (except the co-building sessions) are recorded and made available to you on our learning platform.

No. Everything we build is available in the free versions of the tools. All you need to do is create a free account for the tools you want to use.

All sessions (except the co-building sessions) are recorded and you can watch them afterwards.

Yes, we have developed a format that is compatible with your full-time work. The sessions take place at the end of the day and are recorded so that you have the flexibility to decide whether you want to attend or not. It is best to plan about 90 minutes per week for the course content, 90 minutes for the exercises and 2-3 hours for the group sessions. You decide how intensively you want to get involved in your own projects. We recommend planning a total of about 4-8 hours per week.

No. The bootcamp is about learning how to build digital prototypes thanks to no-code - independent of ideas. But of course you can apply the skills you learn directly to ideas if you already have some.

This bootcamp is first about giving you an overview of the tools on the market and familiarising you with the most important tools. We are already planning follow-up bootcamps where we will cover more advanced tools like Bubble, Xano and co. We also already offer online training for Figma, Shopify and Bubble in our Academy. If you are interested in more topics, just contact us or write to Lilith at lilith@visualmakers.de.

All bootcamp sessions will be held remotely - so you can participate from wherever you are in the world. if you want to join as a whole team and prefer to participate in the bootcamp with On Site sessions, please contact us at lilith@visualmakers.de